Dining Memberships

2015-16 Residence College Dining Memberships*

Name Meals Per Week/Semester Declining Balance Dollars Cost
Unlimited Unlimited number of meals $350 per semester $1949 per semester
Weekly Planner (Pack 12) 12 Meals per week $500 per semester $1608 per semester
Grab 'n' Go (Block 140) 140 Meals per semester $600 per semester $1494 per semester

2015-16 Apartment Dining Memberships

Name Meals Per Week/Semester Declining Balance Dollars Cost
Any of the above
Lite Diner (Block 90) 90 Meals per semester $325 per semester $885 per semester

All students living on campus are required to participate in a meal plan. Meal plans are comprised of two components:
  1. Each plan has a certain number of meals either per week or per semester. These meals are purchased by swiping your card and are considered “all you care to eat.” These meals are also non-transferable and are available per week or per semester depending on the plan purchased. They do not roll over.
  2. Each plan has a cash value assigned to it as “Declining Balance Dollars (DBD).” The DBD can be used to purchase food on a per item basis and is good for the entire semester.  Unused Declining Balance Dollars carry over from the fall to the spring semester only. Additional DBD can be added to any meal plan throughout the year.

*Meal plans can be changed, but only during the first two weeks of the semester.
*Unlimited meals are limited to the cardholder only and may be used every 30 minutes.
*The Weekly Planner (Pack 12) meal plan includes 5 guest passes per semester. 

HBU Dining Services and Commuter Meal Plans