HBU Press Releases

HBU Press Releases

Outstanding HBU Students Recognized During Annual Honors Convocation

May 7, 2014
Kim Andrews

Houston Baptist University recognized a number of outstanding students at its annual Honors Convocation, held in the University’s Dunham Theater on May 7. Larry Freeney and Shelby Fives were named Mr. and Miss HBU, the highest honors awarded to seniors by their peers. Freeney and Fives epitomize the ideal HBU student in character, service, leadership, and scholarship.
Fourteen seniors, including Freeney and Fives, were chosen by President Sloan to receive the President's Award, based on their scholarship and contributions to the University. In addition, HBU Athletics honored top athletes, the University's schools and colleges honored outstanding students in each major, and several individual students and student organizations received awards from Student Life for outstanding contributions to the University and their peers.

2014 Honors Convocation Honorees:
School of Christian Thought

Outstanding Student in Theology - Adam Chaney
Outstanding Student in Philosophy - Veronica Mueller

School of Fine Arts
Best Overall Bachelor of Fine Arts Student - Stephanie Ahnriel Mann
Most Improved Fine Arts Student - Leslie Guzman
Best Mixed Media Fine Arts Student - Christopher Espinoza
Outstanding Student in Journalism and Mass Communication - Tabatha Trapp
Collegian Outstanding Contributor - Chelsea Tyson
Taylor Collins Writing Scholarship for Promising Young Men - Taylor Andrew Sheneman
Outstanding Vocalist in Music - Corey S. Estelle
Outstanding Service to the Department of Music - Cody M. Davis  
School of Humanities
Dr. Robert L. Bradley Outstanding Spanish Major - Denae Dreessen
Dr. Robert L. Bradley Outstanding English Major  - Elizabeth Windsor
Outstanding History Major - Stephen Fitch
Outstanding Speech Communication Major - Mayra Herrera

School of Nursing & Allied Health
Outstanding Academic Performance in Nursing - Lorena Richter
Outstanding Academic Performance in Allied Health - Michael Chamberlain

College of Science & Mathematics
Max and Celia Grigsby Award for Outstanding Student in the College of Science & Mathematics - Neelam Bhatt
Outstanding Achievement in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology – Alexander Pop
Outstanding Achievement in Biology – Anam Kesaria
Outstanding Achievement in Chemistry – Stephanie Ahnriel Mann
School of Business
Excellence in Accounting – Ellen Buchanan
Excellence in Economics – Zachary Collier
Excellence in Finance – Scott Moore
Excellence in International Business – Vernon Lewis
Excellence in Management – Katie Paxton
Excellence in Marketing – Shelby Horn

School of Education & Behavioral Sciences
Dr. Bill Borgers Award for Outstanding Student in Education – Nickalus Edward Bostic
Dr. Robert L. Bradley Outstanding Student in Bilingual Education – Monica Marie Abousaway
Outstanding Student in Psychology – Rosie Van Dyke
Outstanding Student in Master of Arts Psychology/ General – Mary Patricia Martin
Outstanding Student in Master of Arts Psychology/ LPC – Desiree Richardson
Outstanding Student in Master of Arts in Christian Counseling – Ryan Wiley
COEBS Graduate Psychology Scholarship Award – Deyanira Sanchez

Smith College of Liberal Arts
Outstanding First-Year Honors College Student – Elizabeth Robbins
Outstanding Second-Year Honors College Student – Mariana Carretero Murillo
Outstanding Third-Year Honors College Student – Nicholas Van Cleve
The Order of Chrysostom – Jonathan Richie
The Order of Dante Alighieri – Thalia Westmoreland

Other Academic Awards
Outstanding Rookie Tutor of the Year – Nayana Thomas
Outstanding Veteran Tutor of the Year – Sarah Wilson
Celebration of Scholarship Symposium/ COSM Oral Presentation Winner – Zui Keat Ng
Celebration of Scholarship Symposium/ COSM Poster Presentation Winner – Alexander Pop
Celebration of Scholarship Symposium/ SONAH Oral Presentation Winner – Ulysses Montoya
Celebration of Scholarship Symposium/ SONAH Poster Presentation Winner – Gabrielle McElroy
Celebration of Scholarship Symposium/ COEBS Poster Presentation Winner – Hira Hussain
Athletic Awards
The Varsity Athlete Academic Award – Michael Chamberlain
Jan Edds Female Varsity Athlete of the Year – Shay Orsak
Robbie Robertson Male Varsity Athlete of the Year – Kristopher Tyrpak
Mildred Boone/ Frances Curtis Spirit Award – Monet Neal
Galdino Lucero Service Award – Jeremy Camp & Katie Paxton

Student Life Awards
Intramural Team of the Year – Hall of Fame
Dr. James W. Massey Male Intramural Athlete of the Year – Logan Ohl
Dr. W. Lou Shields Female Intramural Athlete of the Year – Lauren Bozeman
Fraternity Scholarship Award – Phi Kappa Psi
Sorority Scholarship Award – Alpha Kappa Alpha
Greek Woman of the Year – Rebecca Lewis
Greek Man of the Year – Daniel Garcia
Outstanding Student Program of the Year – AKA & AXO Self-Defense Seminar
Student Organization of the Year – Freshman Council
Leadership Excellence Award – Veronica Mueller
Christian Action Award – Katie Kerbow
Outstanding Community Service Award – Shelby Fives
Resident Assistant of the Year – DeVante Cooley and Morgan St. John

Presidential Awards
Mr. HBU – Larry Freeney
Miss HBU – Shelby Fives

Student Foundation (Returning) – Kelsey Engel, Jordan Lerma, Rebecca Lewis, Sean Silva, Hunter Smith
Student Foundation (New Members) – Isaac Brocato, Chelsea Clinton, Kaylyn Court, Anthony Froelich, Kandis Harding, Cora Keller, Carolina Martinez, Susy Perez, Megan Shields, Gairet Snow, Morgan St. John, Nicholas Van Cleve, Taylor Watson
President’s Awards (Men) – Nickalus Bostic, Taylor Ducoff, Larry Freeney, Mateo Jimenez, Vernon Lewis
President’s Awards (Women) – Juanita Camarillo, Madeleine Doucet, Shelby Fives, Katie Kerbow, Rebecca Nguyen, Katie Paxton, Y-Nhi (Monique) Pham
Opal Goolsby Presidential Award for Teaching Excellence - Dr. Jackie Horn
Mayfield Outstanding Staff Award – Candace Desrosiers and Steve Moniaci