Graduate Programs
at Houston Baptist University

A commitment to lifelong learning often involves the pursuit of an advanced degree. New responsibilities in the workplace require new skills and abilities, or perhaps you are intellectually curious. An advanced degree enables you to add depth and breadth to your knowledge in a field, and often to bring together several different fields in one program. Houston Baptist University offers several advanced degree programs designed to provide you with the knowledge and experiences you seek. And each of the programs benefits from the qualities that characterize the University: a commitment to academic excellence and a concern for each student as an individual.

Houston Baptist University graduate class room.

Graduate Degrees

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We want to invite you to continue your education in one of Houston Baptist University’s excellent graduate programs. If you are considering a vocation in business, education, ministry or the psychological sciences, HBU has a graduate program that may be right for you. If you want to enhance your life, train your mind, enrich your soul, and be part of a thriving learning community, HBU has a graduate program designed with you in mind.

At HBU we take the challenge of Christian graduate education seriously. We understand that in our changing, modern world an undergraduate degree may no longer position you where you would like to be. That is why we have developed and are continuing to develop advanced degree programs in various disciplines taught by our top faculty. In the Graduate School at HBU we are training leaders for some of the most sought-after careers in the world. But it is equally important that we are pursuing timeless questions and enduring wisdom regarding life and its meaning.

As a university, we realize that we have not arrived here on our own; in fact, we are building on a long and distinguished tradition of higher education that began in the middle ages. It is not insignificant that universities began in the shadows of Europe’s finest cathedrals. For centuries students came from all over the world to “master” a subject and reflect on the worthy claims of their Lord and Master. In all of this, the cathedral stood over them as an ever present reminder of greater, transcendent realities.

The pillars you see around HBU’s beautiful campus are a constant reminder for us as well. Even as these same pillars withstood the great hurricane that leveled Galveston in 1900, we see them daily as representing the strength and dignity of a university education well-founded on the truths of the Christian faith, academic freedom and the rigorous pursuit of excellence. As storms come in the future, and they will—whether they be economic, environmental, political, or personal—a graduate education from HBU can help you weather the storm and discover a worthy foundation for life.