Questions and Answers

What are some of the benefits of participation in The Honors College?

Here are just a few of benefits you would enjoy as an Honors Scholar:

  • special courses designed with you in mind
  • access to award-winning faculty
  • the Honors Roundtable
  • leadership opportunities on campus and in the community
  • faculty mentors
  • special recognition at graduation and on your transcript
  • the Honors learning community
  • peer advisors
  • the Honors on-line community
  • opportunities to attend cultural events and scientific research seminars
  • social events just for Honors Scholars
  • small seminar-styled classes that encourage scholarly discussion and active learning
  • a curriculum focused on the Great Books
  • service learning opportunities
  • academically challenging, writing intensive courses – looks great on your resume!

What is the environment of the honors program like?

The Honors College at HBU is housed in the University Academic Center on campus.  Many courses will be delivered in an interdisciplinary form. This means that faculty with different kinds of expertise (e.g., literature, political science, philosophy, history) will lead seminars for 12-15 Honors Scholars. The Honors College curriculum is an alternative general education program that is based solidly on a foundation of the Liberal Arts. It takes as its subject the Great Books and great questions that have shaped our civilization.

How does student life for an Honors Scholar compare to that of a regular student?

We want you to be a Husky.  While the Honors College forms a specific learning community for Honors Scholars, much of your student life will be the same as any entering freshman.  Students admitted to the Honors College will enjoy interacting with one another, but we also expect that you will find good friends in your majors, clubs and simply around campus. 

Is there a residential component to the Honors College?

Yes. Freshmen live in Freshmen Village and Residence Life tries to keep Honors College students with other Honors College freshmen. For sophomores-seniors we have set aside a certain number of beds in the Hodo Residence College, so that you can “live on the lake” with other Honors Scholars. Living on campus gives you an opportunity to hang out, connect, study, and just be together. But please note, Honors Scholars are not required to live on campus. Still we think your Honors College experience will be enhanced by taking advantage of our residential facilities.