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NEW for 2013!

Septem Artes Liberales

The Trivium and
the Western Tradition

Come participate in a unique examination of the Western classical tradition this summer at Covenant Academy hosted by Houston Baptist University. Three hours of graduate level credit in one week!

A Classical Approach to the Liberal Arts

The Master of Liberal Arts program at HBU is a unique master's degree designed for those desiring a broad, interdisciplinary classically-based course of study in the Liberal Arts. 

The goal is not just to enhance proficiency in the various disciplines that comprise the liberal arts, but also to enable students to understand the flow and development of the ideas that have shaped the modern world.

The MLA is ideal for teachers and other professionals desiring a greater understanding of the liberal arts with an emphasis on the Great Books of the Western Tradition.  Courses are offered in both surveys of the Western Tradition and in more focused eras, themes, disciplines, and topics. Classes are taught by a wide variety of university faculty, including artists, literary scholars, philosophers, writers, historians, and classicists.

After Graduation:

Graduates of the MLA take positions as private/classical school teachers, administrators, and junior college instructors or continue on for doctoral degrees.

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