Department of Kinesiology

School of Nursing and Allied Health


Department of Kinesiology
School of Nursing and Allied Health
Houston Baptist University
7502 Fondren Road
Houston TX 77074-3298
We teach Kinesiology because of our commitment to going beyond merely maintaining health to actually promoting and increasing wellness, fitness, and wholeness.

Did you know that allied health professionals account for a significant portion of the total health workforce?

Kinesiology opens the door to many career options in the allied health industries. The Kinesiology-Wellness Management degree prepares you for jobs and graduate studies in exercise physiology, cardiac rehabilitation, strength and conditioning, fitness training, and other allied health professions. The program is also an excellent choice paired with electives to fulfill pre-requisites for physical therapy, occupational therapy and other professional health programs. You will gain valuable experience at Houston Baptist University's own Bradshaw Fitness Center.

Or perhaps you have a passion for sports. We offer a Specialization in Athletic Training in which students get to work with Division I athletes to treat, prevent, and rehabilitate injuries.

HBU also offers a Kinesiology Specialization in Physical Education through the School of Education and Behavioral Sciences. Contact for more information.

If any of these degrees sound attractive to you, apply today!