HBU offers a quality undergraduate psychology program. The program sets high and clear expectations, promotes active learning, and provides students with timely feedback on their progress. Students who major in psychology can expect a balanced curriculum that includes a required introductory course, methodology courses, advanced content courses and an integrating capstone experience. Students who minor in psychology can expect to take core courses that are foundational to each discipline. Furthermore, the elective offerings within the psychology minor allow students to tailor their learning in a way that best complements their chosen major. By providing multiple settings for learning -- classroom, computer laboratory, informal and formal contacts with faculty and peers, field placement, externships and co-curricular activities (e.g. Psi Chi honor society) -- the undergraduate psychology program produces graduates who think scientifically, speak and write well, and respect and appreciate others.

Advantages and Opportunities

Course work in Psychology provides much of the liberal arts foundation you will receive at HBU, a foundation that will prepare you for many different career fields by teaching you interpersonal, analytical, and critical-thinking skills that will be required in any professional environment. But more importantly, these courses will lead you to a higher wisdom in understanding life, people, and the world around you.

After Graduation

The bachelor’s degree with a major in psychology does not prepare the graduate for immediate placement as a professional psychologist. Consequently, students who wish to become professional psychologists must be prepared to do graduate study. HBU offers a variety of different graduate degrees in Psychology that prepare students for a variety of areas within the field of Psychology.

Psychology Course Listing

The Core - 34hrs

PSYC 1313        General Psychology                                         
PSYC 2301        Introduction to Statistics                                 
PSYC 2364        Abnormal Psychology (PSYC 1313)                    
PSYC 3313        Human Growth and Development  (PSYC 1313) 
PSYC 3410        Experimental Psychology (PSYC 1313; PSYC 2301)
PSYC 4310        History and Systems (PSYC 1313)                        
PSYC 4330        Psychology of Learning (PSYC 1313)                            
PSYC 4334        Psychology of Religion   (PSYC 1313)                      
PSYC 4390        Senior Psychology Capstone  (PSYC 3410)  

Only 1 of the following 2 courses (PSYC 1313; BIOL 1404 or higher)  

PSYC 4353        Physiological Psychology                      
PSYC 4322        Cognitive Psychology          

Only 1 of the following 2 courses (PSYC 1313)                   

PSYC 4332        Social Psychology
PSYC 4360        Cultural Psychology

Electives (12 hours; three upper level courses and one lower level)

PSYC 2325        Dating and Intimate Relationships                           
PSYC 2330        Human Sexuality                                                        
PSYC 2340        Health Psychology                                            
PSYC 3305        Personality (PSYC 1313)                                        
PSYC 4316        Child Psychopathology (PSYC 1313)                      
PSYC 4323        Theories of Counseling  (PSYC 1313)                     
PSYC 4326        Dying and Bereavement (PSYC 1313)                           
PSYC 4332        Social Psychology (PSYC 1313)         
PSYC 4360        Cultural Psychology (PSYC 1313)                           

Total hours in the major -  46 hrs

(Parentheses = Prerequsite)

What Next?

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Psychology Minor listed below -

The Psychology Minor
PSYC 1313 General Psychology
PSYC 2316 Abnormal Psychology 
(PSYC 1313)
PSYC 3313 Human Growth and Development (PSYC 1313)
PSYC 4310 History and Theoretical Systems
(PSYC 1313)
Only one of the following courses

 (PSYC 1313; BIOL 1404 or higher)

PSYC 4353 Physiological Psychology
PSYC 4322 Cognitive Psychology
    CORE – 15 hrs
Electives (6 hrs; one upper level and one lower level psychology elective)

PSYC 2325 Dating and Intimate Relationships
PSYC 2340 Health Psychology
PSYC 2330 Human Sexuality
PSYC 3305 Personality (PSYC 1313)
PSYC 4316 Child Psychopathology         
(PSYC 1313)
PSYC 4323 Theories of Counseling        
(PSYC 1313)
PSYC 4326 Dying and Bereavement      
(PSYC 1313)
PSYC 4330 Psychology of Learning         
(PSYC 1313)
PSYC 4332 Social Psychology (PSYC 1313)
PSYC 4334 Psychology of Religion         
(PSYC 1313)
PSYC 4360 Cultural Psychology  (PSYC 1313) 3

Total hours in the Minor
21 hrs

**In the parenthesis beside a course name are prerequisites for that course. If there is no parenthesis beside a course name, there are no prerequisites.