Master of Education with Specialization in Reading with Reading Specialist Certification

Program Overview

The university is excited to be offering Master of Education degree in Reading with the possibility of obtaining the Reading Specialist Certification. The campus reading specialist serves as a resource to students, parents and teachers and administrators. They will learn leadership and communication skills as well as methods for improving the reading ability of students with a variety of different needs. If you are interested in learning and growing as a reading professional, this is a great opportunity for you. It will be a rich rewarding experience and we hope you will be part of it.

The program consists of 36 credit hours (12 courses and a written comprehensive exam) and may be completed in approximately two years. Students who complete the necessary coursework and Texas requirements may be eligible for Reading Specialist certification.

Advantages and Opportunities

The Master’s Degree in Reading Education will provide you with methods of instruction and assessment for oral language development, reading skills development, reading comprehension, vocabulary development, written language development, and other basic components of literacy. You will also be taught procedures and resources for assessing and improving a child’s reading ability. This degree will prepare you to be an integral part of the educational leadership team on any school campus.


The Master’s Degree in Reading Education is a 36 hour graduate program. In order to obtain this degree, you do not have to be a certified teacher. Teachers in private school (who do not have to be certified), home school teachers, and any other interested individual is eligible for this program of study.

In addition to being accepted into the University Master's of Education Program, a student must be accepted into the Graduate Teacher Education Program which requires a 2.75 GPA Undergraduate or 3.0 GPA in the last 60 hours of university coursework.

If you are interested in becoming a certified Reading Specialist, you would need to be a certified teacher with three years of teaching experience in an approved accredited school district, charter school or private school. Further, students must pass the required state certification exam in order to be certified as a Reading Specialist.

Course Syllabi

EDUC 6304 Children, Adolescents, and Learning 3
EDUC 6315 American Educational Reform 3
EDUC 6320 Research Techniques and Procedures 3
EDUC 5306 Educational Applications of Technology 3
EDRE 5301 Advanced Developmental Reading 3
EDRE 5304 Diagnosis and Correction of Reading Difficulties 3
EDRE 5310 Reading and Writing for Pre-Adolescents 3
EDRE 5320 Teaching Reading through Children’s Literature 3
EDRE 5330 Content Area Reading 3
EDRE 5352 Literacy in Secondary Schools 3
EDRE 6305 Reading: A Linguistic Perspective  
EDUC 5306 Educational Applications of Technology  
EDRE 6370
EDRE 6371
Critical Issues in Teaching Reading in the Elementary School OR
Critical Issues in Teaching Reading in the Secondary School
EDRE 6305 Reading: A Linguistic Perspective 3
  TOTAL 36