Department of Theology

School of Christian Thought


Department of Theology
School of Christian Thought
Houston Baptist University
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The mission of the Department of Theology is simple: to provide students with a solid foundation in the classical theological disciplines.

TELL ME MORE… HBU is committed to providing a liberal arts undergraduate education dedicated to the view that Christian ideals and principles provide the perspective, goals, and values most essential in higher education. The implementation of this view is the responsibility of the entire University staff, but it is the province of the School of Theology to offer the specific courses that enable students to gain an intelligent and meaningful acquaintance with the Christian religion and with the writings of the Old and New Testaments.


  • Whether you major or minor in Christianity or Biblical Languages, you will learn to read the Christian Scriptures with greater clarity.
  • You will come to understand the ebb and flow of Christian history and ultimately discover your place in the drama of redemption.
  • You will learn to write well, communicate effectively, and think theologically.
  • Study with outstanding faculty known on four continents for their insight into the Scriptures and their ability to relate the audacious claims of the gospel to this generation.

WHERE CAN I GO FROM HERE? Join the ranks of thousands of our graduates who have gone on to various careers in leading churches, fighting for justice, healing the sick, pioneering in industry, and ultimately loving and serving all God's creation.