Conference Schedule

Thursday (April 16)
5:00p               Registration (Green Room)
7:30p               Plenary Lecture 1 (Belin Chapel) John Barclay: “‘The poor you have always with you.’ Why it mattered to the early church to give to the poor”
Friday (April 17)
9:30-12:00       Sessions 1 & 2
                      9:30-10:30 Session 1
                      10:30 Break
                      11:00-12:00 Session 2
12:00              Lunch (on own)
2:30-5:00         Sessions 3 & 4
                      2:30-3:30 Session 3
                      3:30 Break
                      4:00-5:00 Session 4
5:00-7:00         Dinner (on own)
7:30                Plenary Lecture 2 (Belin Chapel): Ben Witherington: “The Social Identity of the Earliest Christians”
Saturday (April 18)
9:00-10:30       Plenary Lecture 3 (Belin Chapel): Everett Ferguson
10:30-11:00     Coffee Break
11:00-12:30     Panel Discussion (Belin Chapel)
12:30              Conference Dismissal
Short Papers
Room A – Dillon II
Room B – Green Room
Lisa M. Bowens
Οὐ κατὰ σάρκα στρατευόμεθα: Investigating the Contours of Paul’s Military Language in 2 Cor 10-13
Jason Myers
Paul, Obedience, and Empire: (Re)Investigating Early Christian interaction with Empire in light of Obedience Language
Joshua L. Gibb
Original Sin in Tertullian and Infant Baptism in Early Christianity
Cullen Ware
Clement of Alexandria: To What Extent Can One Achieve Likeness to God Alone?
Genevive Dibley
Why Bother with Redeeming Gentiles?: The Project of Justifying the Oppression of the Righteous in the Second Age
Daniel Streett                                                     
False Prophets, Sons of Belial, and Sins unto Death: First John’s Reading of Deuteronomy 13 as Ecclesiological and Eschatological Halakha
Douglas Kennard
The Patristic Attack Against Jewish-Christians Excluding them from the Authentic Christian Church
Ioan Stir
The Two Ways Teaching of Didache:  A Hermeneutical Interrogation
Scott Stripling
Khirbet el-Maqatir as Ephraim of John 11:53-54
Garet Robinson
Of Greek, Jews, or Romans: Evaluating External Influences on Early Church Ecclesial Structures
J. Jordan Henderson
The First-century Church and Abortion
Natalie Webb
A Kaleidoscopic View of the Early Church through the Lens of the Slavery Haustafeln
Stephen Presley
The Scriptural Shaping of Catechetical formation in the Early Church
Wendell Willis
The Interpretation of Romans 13 in Patristic Writers
David Burnett
The Sword and the Servant: Reframing the Function of the “two swords” of Luke 22:35-38 in Narrative Context
Terri D. Moore
The Mysteries and 1 Corinthians 15:29: Comparative Methodology And Contextual Exegesis