Master of Business Administration

16 months = $30,000
for students with BBA

The MBA program at Houston Baptist University is structured to provide students the knowledge, skills, and abilities vital for all aspects of management. Students enrolled in this innovative and flexible program will complete the core courses of 33 semester hours.  Students will take leveling courses (16 hours) if they do not have an undergraduate BBA degree. An optional 9 hours of specialization in a functional area is available for students interested in pursuing this path.  The program includes the option of an international travel course at no additional cost.

Unlike many other MBA programs which require a prescribed set of courses on a 'locked-in' schedule (e.g., Friday/Saturday, or Monday/ Wednesday evenings), HBU offers courses four nights per week. Each class meets one night a week from 6:00 to 10:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday. This schedule allows students to balance work and personal obligations more easily. In addition, HBU's MBA program grants rolling admissions. This means, when a student is ready to enter the program, he/she need not wait until the traditional fall start date to begin. Instead, he/she can commence course work in August, January, or June.

Students find HBU's smaller classes allow rich interaction with professors who know students by name and who are available to their students. Many students find valuable mentors in their professors. This personal attention truly sets Houston Baptist's MBA program apart from the competition, and it is one of the reasons so many HBU alumni refer colleagues to the program.

Degree Requirements

Leveling Courses required for students without BBA:
ACCT 5260  Accounting Principles
ECON 5260  Economic Principles
FINA 5260   Finance Principles
MGMT 5260  Decision Making Techniques for Managers
MGMT 5261  Management Principles
MGMT 5262  Organizational Principles
MGMT 5263  Legal Environment of Business
MKTG 5260  Marketing Principles

Core Courses:
ACCT 6352   Accounting for Managers
ECON 6353  Global Economy and Institutions
FINA 6330   Financial Management
MGMT 6328  Executive Communications and Information Strategies
MGMT 6352  Organizational Behavior
MGMT 6376  Business Strategy and Policy
MGMT 6386  Organizational Problems, Diagnostics and Solutions
MGMT 6389  Value Creation Through Innovation and Entrepreneurship
MGMT 6392  Transformational Leadership and Ethics in Business
MGMT 6395  International Management Experience OR MGMT 6393 Global Enterprise Management
MKTG 6310  Marketing Management

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