Pre-Health Profession Programs

Welcome to the Health Professions Programs.
HBU, through the Health Professions Office, works with students who are planning a career in one of the health professions. Specifically, we provide information and courses for students who are interested in applying to Medical, Dental, Optometry, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, and Physicians Assistant schools. We offer academic advising to ensure that prerequisites for professional schools are met along with courses for degree completion and graduation from HBU.

Selecting Majors
Please be aware that the pre-health professions programs are not majors. You will select majors based on your area of interest, but majors in science are recommended in order to satisfy the prerequisite courses for most health professions while you pursue your HBU degree. The Health Professions Office recommends Biochemistry-Molecular Biology, Biology or Chemistry majors. While some programs will allow application without a completed undergraduate degree, preference is given to those who have completed their degree.

Receive Advising
Mrs. Cathy Capes is the Health Professions Director. She is available for advising and questions on selecting majors, extracurricular activities, leadership experience, community service and clinical experience by e-mail ( or by making an appointment.

Meet with other pre-health professions students
The Health Professions Office sponsors AED, Alpha Epsilon Delta, a national honor society for pre-health professions students. You can meet twice a month with other students who share your interest in a medical career. At these meetings you can hear presentations by the Admissions Representatives from the Texas medical schools. You will have opportunities to gain leadership experience, participate in medically related community service projects, and tour Texas medical schools. You will also be able to hear physicians from around Texas speak about their path to medical school and their careers and field of interest. (AED)

Preparing for application to professional schools
The Health Professions Office conducts a series of workshops that will help you prepare for the professional school application process. You are encouraged to attend the Application, Interview, and Personal Statement workshop. You will then be able to sit for a Mock Interview where you will have a chance to practice answers to interview questions that were used in the preceding application year by the Texas professional schools. You will receive a feedback letter suggesting your areas of strengths and weaknesses during the interview.

After submitting your applications to professional schools, the Health Professions Office will provide one of two types of evaluation packets on your behalf:

The first type is the Composite Letter of Evaluation Package. This type is the one preferred by the professional schools, especially medical and dental schools. This package contains comments by the science faculty, advisors, and evaluations performed by the Applicant Evaluation Committee. In order to obtain this letter, a student must:

  1. Complete 30 semester hours at HBU of which 16 are science courses.
  2. Complete 13 of the 14 pre-requisites courses (46 hrs is the total required) listed below. If 13 classes have not been completed, the student will be referred to the Medical Professions Advisory Committee, for evaluation and comments to be included in the Evaluation Package.
  3. Register with the Health Professions Office (room S219) to indicate their intention to apply to medical/dental school. This registration should occur between January 15 and March 1 of the application year.
  4. Attend a 30 minute scheduled interview with the Applicant Evaluation Committee during the spring semester prior to application. In addition to these requirements, students are highly encouraged to attend the series of three workshops designed to acquaint students with the on-line Texas Medical and Dental Schools Application Service, the format of a successful personal statement and the expectations of the medical school faculty at the interview.

The second type is the Individual Evaluation Letter Package. This type can be used in lieu of the Composite Package, if the student cannot attend the interview/ workshops or register in advance, as required above. This package consists of two individual recommendation letters from faculty members, a cover letter by the Health Professions Office and may also include a letter from a health care professional. To obtain this letter, a student must:

  1. Complete 24 semester hours at HBU, of which 16 are science courses.
  2. Register with the Health Professions Office and turn in the two recommendation letters, obtained from professors in your major. We recommend that you include at least one science professor.

Students must realize that it often takes several weeks before an Evaluation Package of any type can be mailed to the various schools. Students applying to more than 10 schools, will be charged for mailing costs. The Health Professions Office does not include transcripts. Transcripts must be ordered by the student from the Office of the Registrar and sent directly as instructed in the application.

BIOL 2454 General Biology I: *
BIOL 2455 General Biology II: *
BIOL 3301 Cellular and Molecular Biology*
Four advanced hours (3000–4000) of Biology including Lab
CHEM 2415 General Chemistry I
CHEM 2416 General Chemistry II
CHEM 3131 Organic Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM 3313 Organic Chemistry I**
CHEM 3121 Organic Chemistry II Laboratory**
CHEM 3333 Organic Chemistry II**
(CHEM 4373 Biochemistry required by some medical and dental schools)
MATH 1451 Calculus I
PHYS 2413 Principles of Physics I
PHYS 2423 Principles of Physics I
*BIOL 2454, 2455, and 3301 are prerequisites for all 3000 and 4000 level biology courses.
**CHEM 3313, 3121 and 3333 are prerequisites for CHEM 4373

Summaries of Pre-Health Professions Programs offered: