Department of Chemistry

College of Science and Mathematics


Department of Chemistry
College of Science and Mathematics
Houston Baptist University
7502 Fondren Road
Houston TX 77074-3298
Treacy L. Woods, Ph.D.
Chair of the Department of Chemistry

Campus address: SCI 210A

Phone: (281) 649-3247

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Department of Chemistry Faculty:

Treacy Woods, PhD
Chair, Department of Chemistry; Professor of Chemistry; Program Coordinator, Chemistry and Physics Science Major (7-12)
Taiya Fabre, PhD
Professor of Chemistry
Robert Towery, PhD
Professor of Chemistry; Faculty Athletics Representative
Doris Warren, PhD
Dean, College of Science and Mathematics; Professor of Chemistry
Eric Van Caemelbecke, PhD
Professor of Chemistry
Mary Osterloh, PhD
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Saul Trevino, PhD
Associate Professor of Chemistry

(L to R) Trevino, Fabre, Warren, Towery, Woods, Van Caemelbecke, and Osterloh

Why Chemistry?

Chemistry is often called the central science and the heartbeat of many other fields.

You can follow many career paths with a degree in chemistry. As a Chemistry major you can obtain meaningful, professional employment in research laboratories and industrial laboratories on a Bachelor's degree level.

The Chemistry major combined with study in other areas can lead to careers in business, health professions, and law. Our graduates have become physicians, dentists, pharmacists, and lawyers.

Our Chemistry major also prepares you for graduate work at other institutions leading to masters or Ph.D. degrees in chemistry or related fields.

Read more about about our Chemistry major below or read more about our Pre-Medical program by following the link on the right. Then contact us so we can talk about your future at Houston Baptist University.

Why Us?

The Department of Chemistry at HBU offers a major and a minor in Chemistry with strong foundations in both theory and laboratory practice. Our academics are excellent. 

All of our faculty have Ph.D degrees and have chosen to work at Houston Baptist University because of their love of teaching undergraduates.

Our size is an advantage. Our lecture classes are smaller than at most universities. Our labs are taught by regular faculty rather than by graduate students. We actually get to see and interact with each other every day. This makes for an excellent learning environment where you develop lasting bonds with your peers and teachers. 

We have an internship program to help you gain industrial work experience before graduating from HBU. 

Our students founded an American Chemical Society (ACS) Student Affiliate Chapter and have received an award from national ACS for their chapter activities which include peer tutoring, speakers, and social events.

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