Student Advisory Board

The QEP has a student advisory board representing the full diversity of HBU’s student body with regard to major, student level, gender, ethnicity, GPA, and participation in student activities. The Board serves as an interface between the QEP and the students, performing several functions:
  • It receives briefings on the progress of the QEP, for example, changes in students’ writing skills and attitudes towards writing. 
  • It receives briefings on any contemplated changes to the QEP and provides feedback concerning the impact of such changes on HBU students.
  • As its members circulate within the student community, they clarify issues regarding the QEP – explaining its purpose, structure, policies, etc. and helping to dispel any unfounded rumors.

In AY 2011-2012 the board had the following members:
  • Trenton Bell
  • Ellen Buchanan
  • Bob Buler
  • Luis Carmona
  • Allison Clarke
  • Tania Diaz
  • Brittany Herman
  • Mike McCorkindale
  • Philip Parmar