Revelation, pt. 9

Dr. Robert B. Sloan, Jr.
Airdate: February 06, 2014
<br /> <object codetype="CMSInlineControl" height="45" type="media" width="300"><param name="ext" value=".mp3" /><param name="url" value="/HBU/media/HBU/sound/SloanRadio/HBU-20140206-Sagamore-Revelation-03-2-internet.mp3" /></object><br /> <br /> <a href="/HBU/media/HBU/sound/SloanRadio/HBU-20140206-Sagamore-Revelation-03-2-internet.mp3">Download the mp3</a> (Right-click and save.)<br /> <br /> It is important for your inner reality to match your outer appearance. The church at Sardis was wealthy, well-connected, and very successful materially and socially. But inwardly they were complacent and dead.<br /> <br /> <a href="/About-HBU/General-Information/University-Leadership/Presidents-of-HBU/Dr-Robert-B-Sloan,-Jr/Sloan-Radio.aspx">Back to the archive. </a>