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Dr. John Mark Reynolds, Houston Baptist University Provost
Professor in Philosophy
  • BA, Religion, Roberts Wesleyan College
  • MA, Philosophy, University of Rochester
  • PhD, Philosophy, University of Rochester

Dr. John Mark Reynolds is the Chief Academic Officer at Houston Baptist University.  He serves the academic community by implementing the vision of the President and the faculty.
Dr. Reynolds came to HBU in the summer of 2012 determined to build on the past success of previous leaders.  He helped facilitate an academic reorganization resulting in three new schools: the School of Christian Thought, the School of Fine Arts, and the School of Humanities.  He is also in the process of initiating several dynamic new programs including graduate degrees in Apologetics and undergraduate studies in Film & New Media.
Dr. Reynolds is helping faculty and university leaders to use internet technology to change information distribution in the classroom.  To this end he formed the Department of Online Programs and seeks to offer several programs completely online.
President Sloan and Provost Reynolds are working to take HBU to the next level academically by offering doctoral programs in several areas of study including philosophy.  This will elevate HBU from accreditation level 3 to level 5, which is the highest level of accreditation.
Prior to joining HBU, Dr. Reynolds was founder and director of the Torrey Honors Institute, and Professor of Philosophy at Biola University.  The Torrey Honors Institute is an exemplary liberal arts and biblical studies program that utilizes the Great Books and Socratic dialogue educational models.
Dr. Reynolds holds an MA and PhD in Philosophy from the University of Rochester where he concentrated in philosophy of religion, ancient philosophy, and epistemology.  He graduated with honors from Roberts Wesleyan University and earned a Bible diploma from Elim Bible Institute.
Dr. Reynolds has written and collaborated on a number of books, including Three Views on the Creation and Evolution Debate, co-edited with J.P. Moreland, Against All Gods: What’s Right and Wrong About the New Atheism, with Phillip E. Johnson, and Towards a Unified Platonic Human Psychology, a close examination of Plato’s presentation of the soul in the Timaeus.  Recently he published When Athens Met Jerusalem: An Introduction to Classical and Christian Thought, which argues for a reconciliation of classical reason and Christian faith, and edited The Great Books Reader, a book of excerpts and essays on the most influential books in western civilization.  He has published many technical articles on philosophy of religion; additionally, he has published popular articles in journals such as The New Oxford Review and Touchstone.
Dr. Reynolds lectures frequently on ancient philosophy, philosophy of science, home-schooling, and cultural trends.  His other areas of interest include Star Trek, the Romanovs, the Titanic, and the English Civil War.  He regularly appears on radio talk shows, including the Hugh Hewitt Show, and actively blogs on cultural issues at Eidos.
Dr. Reynolds is the husband of Hope, the Fairest Flower in All Christendom, and father of Lewis, Mary Kate, Ian, and Jane.

Mailing Address:
Office of the Provost
Houston Baptist University
7502 Fondren
Houston, TX 77074

Campus Address: Brown Administrative Complex 120
Telephone:  (281) 649-3232