Houston Baptist University Catalog

Engineering Science (ENGR) Course Descriptions

ENGR 1301 Introduction to Engineering
Prerequisites: MATH 1313 and 1323 or the equivalent
An introduction to the engineering profession, including registration, ethics, and an introduction to the different fields of engineering. Topics include: a review of basic mathematical skills required for engineering, including operations with vectors, matrices, and complex numbers; the use of graphing calculators and computer algebra systems; an introduction to engineering analysis and design techniques; and the use of word processors, spreadsheets, and computer-aided-design software in engineering. Includes one semester hour credit for laboratory sessions.

ENGR 1302, Introduction to Engineering II
Prerequisite: ENGR 1301
A continuation of ENGR 1301. Topics include: explorations of basic mechanics, acoustics, optics, thermodynamics, analog and digital electronics, and computer systems. This course also covers additional mathematical skills required for engineering: numerical techniques, statistics, nonlinear systems, iterative systems, and chaotic behavior. Includes one semester hour credit for laboratory sessions.