Campus Policies

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

In compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), HBU cannot release personally identifiable information to any person other than the student, unless written permission is given for the University to do so. Students may give permission for their educational records to be released to designated parties by completing the "FERPA Authorization to Release Education Records" in the Registrar's Office.

In general, no personally identifiable information from a student's education records will be disclosed without written consent from the student. This includes, but is not limited to, grade reports, academic schedule information, and transcripts. Two exceptions may, however, be made: (1) directory information may be released unless the student requests that it be withheld, as explained in the section below; (2) records may be disclosed to parents of students who depend upon them as defined by Internal Revenue Code 1986, Section 152.

HBU has designated the following student information as public or "directory information:" name; local and permanent addresses; telephone numbers; e-mail addresses; date and place of birth; classification; major field(s) of study; classification; dates of attendance; degrees, honors, and awards received; most recent educational institution attended; participation in officially recognized sports and activities; weight and height of athletic team members; and photographs.

At its discretion, the institution may disclose such information for any purpose. Any new or currently enrolled student who does not want his/her directory information disclosed should notify the HBU Registrar in writing by using the FERPA Request to Withhold/Release Directory Information form. Such notification must be received by the end of the first full week of classes for any term to ensure that the student's directory information is not released except to officials with legitimate educational purposes as authorized by FERPA.

The request to withhold directory information will remain in effect as long as the student continues to be enrolled or until the student files a written request with the HBU Registrar to discontinue the withholding. To continue nondisclosure of directory information after a student ceases to be enrolled, a written request for continuance must be filed with the HBU Registrar during the student's last term of attendance.

HBU assumes that failure on the part of any student to specifically request the withholding of categories of "directory information" indicates individual approval for disclosure. 

Poster/Flyer Posting

  1. All brochures, flyers and posters must be “Student Life Approved” through Office of Student Involvement, located on the second floor of M.D. Anderson Student Center.
  2. ONLY Student Life staff (interns/student workers included) will be allowed to post flyers. Flyers will be posted in appropriate spaces only. For posting, all flyers must be delivered to the Student Involvement Office by Monday afternoon each week.
  3. Posters/signs should be in good taste as deemed appropriate by the Student Involvement staff and not include references to alcohol, sexual innuendos, or offensive language of any kind.
  4. Posters/signs should have accurate information regarding events (place, date/time), reflecting the same information that is on the University calendar.
  5. Student Organizations must post all event information on the club and organization data base. All events must be detailed and approved. All dates, times and locations must be approved through the Ad Astra calendaring system. Student Life approval can take up to one week.
  6. Because of limited space, keep the sign/poster to a maximum size of 8 ½” by 11” letter size paper.
  7. Banners (maximum size of 4’ x 8’) may be posted in Hinton and the M.D. Anderson Student Center, hung on the cable along the upstairs railing. All banners must be approved by the Office of Student Involvement before posting. All banners must be secured when hanging. If the banner falls, it may not be replaced.
  8. All banners and flyers will be taken down after the appropriate day and time. No poster/flyer/banner will stay up longer than one month (unless otherwise authorized by Student Involvement).
  9. Use of yard signs, display boards and other large scale signage is prohibited except for use by HBU departments and fee-funded organizations.
  10. Distributing flyers on car windshields is prohibited. Police should be notified immediately if this rule is broken.
  11. Chalking may be done only in open, uncovered areas. (Do not chalk anywhere rain cannot reach.)
  12. If these policies are consistently violated, student organizations will lose the privilege to advertise on campus. 

Smoke Free Campus

The University has elected to strengthen the Smoke Free Campus Policy. Effective September 1, 2006, the policy prohibits smoking anywhere on University premises except for the confines of private vehicles.

Student Publications

Houston Baptist University Media Guidelines 
Houston Baptist University, acting through its Board of Trustees and its president, is the official publisher of all student publications, whether in traditional print or web format. All publications, print or web, representing or bearing the name of Houston Baptist University are expected to advance ideals in keeping with the principles of this Christian university, its Preamble, mission, and vision statement. Editors of student publications are expected to ensure that their publications uphold these same standards. In their roles as editors, students are also expected to exercise good taste, high ideals, and fair-mindedness.

Trademark Licensing Program

The University has partnered with Learfield Licensing Partners (LLP) to implement a trademark and licensing program to help the university protect and strengthen its brand and intellectual identity. LLP represents over 200 colleges, universities, and bowl games across the country, including seven universities in the Southland Conference.
This licensing agreement affects all departments (including athletics), student groups, and individuals who produce and/or purchase any item featuring the Houston Baptist University name or abbreviation, seal, logos or intellectual property.

What kinds of items are subject to the licensing agreement?
  • Any items that are customized or branded to represent HBU, including but not limited to clothing, caps, key chains, folders, pens, pencils, cups, flags, banners, and bumper stickers. These items include products used as giveaways, supplies, or fundraisers.
  • Logos include any imprint, embroidery or application that uses HBU, Houston Baptist University, Huskies, University seals, or any new art affiliated with the University.
  • Marketing material or literature used by departments to promote HBU does NOT fall under the licensing agreement.

All departments (including athletics), student groups, and individuals must order and purchase customized products from vendors approved by Learfield Licensing Partners (LLP). For a list of licensees that are currently licensed to produce HBU products, please visit and search for Houston Baptist University.
What if I want to use a vendor that is not currently licensed by LLP?
  • New vendors must submit an application, be approved, and pay a fee to hold a license through LLP.
  • If you are currently working with a company that is not on this list and you need them to become licensed so you can continue working with them, please have them reach out to our Brand Manager, Jared Harding at
Whom do I contact if I have questions or need help adhering to the trademark licensing program?