Frequently Asked Questions regarding Community Life & Worship

What is Community Life & Worship?

Do I have to participate?

How can I get CLW credits?

Do transfer students have to start from scratch?

How many credits do I have?

What do I do if my credit record is wrong?

What if I’m starting my junior year with no credits?

What if I forget my ID card?

Is there a petition policy for CLW credits?

Can I get more than the minimum “Worship” credits?

Can I get all of my credits through Community Service?

What is Convocation?

What are the Service Learning Internship (SLI) and the Church Leadership Internship (CLI)?

Who is in the Spiritual Life office, and where are they located?

What do you offer for commuter students?

Are there leadership opportunities within the Spiritual Life Department?

Who can lead CLW small groups and Bible studies, and who can attend?

What are Mission Learning Opportunities (MLOs), and how do I sign up?