Living-Learning Communities

HBU Living-Learning Communities (LLCs) are designed to enhance students’ overall learning and development by pairing their housing assignment with formal and informal interactions with faculty and peers outside of the classroom. This is accomplished in two primary ways. First, students involved in an LLC share a common curricular or extra-curricular interest, so they can organically cultivate community within their residential spaces. Secondly, students’ learning is augmented by programs and expanded opportunities for growth that are crafted for their specific community. Both housing assignments and LLC programs are designed with the HBU’s Living-Learning Community Core Values in mind.

Core Values
  • Facilitate faculty interaction
  • Foster collaboration and lateral learning
  • Link theory with practice
  • Provide opportunity for reflection

What options are available?
  • Greek: This community is open to residents who are active members of Greek organizations on campus.
  • Honors College:  This community is open to residents who are active members of the Honors College. 
If you have more questions about living learning communities, please email