Family Life

Looser Family

College is a busy time, full of new experiences, learning opportunities, exciting events and new friends. While all of this is new and exciting, it’s important not to forget about old friends, and of course, family. For many parents, it’s difficult to go from speaking with their children everyday to speaking with them whenever they get the time to call, which, for many students, isn’t very often.

At HBU, we think family is extremely important, so we do everything we can to make sure our students don’t “fall off the face of the earth” when they come to college. We offer a variety of resources and events, like our Family Weekend, that give parents a chance to participate in their student’s university experience. Parents & Family members can become members of our Parent & Family Association by completing the online Membership Form — an association to keep parents and family updated of what their students are experiencing while at HBU as well as opportunities to get involved with their student!