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HACCC Texas Job Fair
March 31, 2015

HBU Campus

HBU Career
Development Week!

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Business Etiquette Dinner
April 9, 2015
Hinton Center

Career Events 

Welcome to Career and Calling. . . 
God has a plan for each of our lives and as we seek to be an active participant in His daily will for our lives this plan will gradually unfold. We want to walk alongside our students and alumni as this happens and equip you to make life decisions in living out His purpose...Colette Cross

Our Mission Statement. . .
Career and Calling seeks to provide assistance
for students and alumni in exploring one's life calling through
personal discovery, vocational exploration, and educational traininng. 

HBU Career Library                              Hire-A-Husky    
____________________________                  _____________________________

Templates for Resumes, your CV,                      Employers are encouraged to create
as well as GRE practice materials                      a profile and start posting positions
are here. Pre-professional school                      TODAY!
students are encouraged to browse. 

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Meet with a Career Counselor            Career and Calling Events
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Resume critques, career advising,            Learn about the events we host
career assessments, and mock                each semester. 
interviews are just a few of the
services we provide.

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