HBU Press Releases

HBU Press Releases

Outstanding HBU students recognized during annual Honors Convocation

April 24, 2013
HBU News

Houston Baptist University recognized a number of outstanding students at its annual Honors Convocation, held in the University’s Dunham Theater, on April 24.

Cody Pepper and Alexa Junek were named Mr. and Miss HBU, the highest honors awarded to seniors by their peers. Pepper and Junek epitomize the ideal HBU student in character, service, leadership and scholarship.

Twelve seniors, six men and six women, including Pepper and Junek, were chosen by HBU President Robert Sloan to receive the President’s Award, based on their scholarship and contributions to the University.

In addition, the University’s schools and colleges honored outstanding students in each major, HBU Athletics honored top athletes, and several individual students and student organizations received awards from Student Life.

2013 Honors Convocation Honorees:

School of Christian Thought

Outstanding Student in Biblical Languages - Andrew Adler
Outstanding Student in Theology - Joshua B. Hilburn
Outstanding Student in Philosophy - Jeremy Klutts

School of Fine Arts
Best Overall Bachelor of Fine Arts Student - Travis Joseph Sukhu
Most Improved Fine Arts Student - Robert F. Foster
Best Mixed Media Fine Arts Student - Yanhong Gang
Outstanding Student in Journalism and Mass Communication - Jacky Tamez
Collegian Outstanding Contributor - Katie Brown
Taylor Collins Writing Scholarship for Promising Young Man - Jose Escobar
Outstanding Pianists in Music - Lydia Holt; Khoren Ouzounian
Outstanding Vocalist in Music - Corey Estelle
Outstanding Music Student - Aaron Hendrix
Outstanding Service to the Department of Music - Andrew Webb

School of Humanities
Dr. Robert L. Bradley Outstanding Spanish Major - Nickalus Edward Bostic
Dr. Robert L. Bradley Outstanding English Major - Lesleigh D. Balkum
Outstanding Student in Government - Shelby Nicole Tankersley
Outstanding History Major - Manfred Karl Lucas
Outstanding Speech Communication Major - Shannon Saganti

School of Nursing and Allied Health
Outstanding Academic Performance in Nursing - Katherine E. Sacueza
Outstanding Academic Performance in Allied Health - Sabrina Celeste Garcia

College of Science and Mathematics
Max and Celia Grigsby Award for Outstanding Student in the College of Science and Mathematics - Jean Ghosn
Outstanding Achievement in Biology - Gloria Besil-Rodriguez
Outstanding Achievement in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology - James Truong
Outstanding Achievement in Chemistry - Kevin Ramirez
Outstanding Achievement in Physics - Constance Owens

School of Business
Excellence in Accounting - Sadaf "Subie" Jilani
Excellence in Business - Kollin Baer
Excellence in Economics - Kelsey Reichow
Excellence in Finance - Paige Dahl
Excellence in International Business - Federico De Los Cobos Y Vega
Excellence in Management - Matthew Renobato
Excellence in Marketing - Alexa Junek

School of Education and Behavioral Sciences
Dr. Bill Borgers Award for Outstanding Student in Education - Shelby Hooper
Dr. Robert L. Bradley Outstanding Student in Bilingual Education - Marlene Castro
Outstanding Student in Psychology - Jovani Diaz
Outstanding Student in Master of Arts in Psychology/LPC - Emaan Lehardy
Outstanding Student in Master of Arts in Christian Counseling - Cynthia Rouhana

Other Academic Awards
Outstanding Rookie Tutor of the Year - Shelby Breanne Horn
Outstanding Veteran Tutor of the Year - John William Crown
QEP Awards - Chase Braud, Michael Detana and Kayla Vasquez
Celebration of Scholarship Symposium College of Science and Mathematics Oral Presentation Winner - Jean Ghosn
Celebration of Scholarship Symposium College of Science and Mathematics Poster Winner - Constance Owens
Celebration of Scholarship Symposium School of Humanities Oral Presentation Winner - Michael Deggs
Celebration of Scholarship Symposium School of Education and Behavioral Sciences Poster Winners - Victoria Armendariz and Jovani Diaz

Athletic Awards
The Varsity Athlete Academic Award - Matt Warren
Jan Edds Female Varsity Athlete of the Year - Victoria Weatherly
Robbie Robertson Male Varsity Athlete of the Year - Matt Perri
Frances Curtis and Mildred Boone Spirit Award - Lindsay Matlock
Galdino Lucero Service Award - Brittany Barton

Student Life Awards
Intramural Sweepstakes Trophy - Hall of Fame
Dr. James W. Massey Male Intramural Athlete of the Year - Marco Olivares
Dr. W. Lou Shields Female Intramural Athlete of the Year - Kelly Guthery
Fraternity Scholarship Award - Kappa Alpha Order
Sorority Scholarship Award - Sigma Lambda Gamma
Greek Woman of the Year - Alexa Junek
Greek Man of the Year - Alex Solorio
Outstanding Student Program of the Year - Psi Chi Easter Egg Hunt and Carnival
Student Organization of the Year - Alpha Chi Omega
Leadership Excellence Award - Marco Olivares
Outstanding Community Service Award - Danielle Chatman
Christian Action Award - Alex Solorio
Resident Assistants of the Year - Molly Duncan and Danielle Chatman

Presidential Awards
Student Foundation (Returning) - Kelsey Engel, An Nguyen and Monique Pham
Student Foundation (New) - Genesis Carraquero, Larry Freeney, Brooke Jennings, Jordan Lerma, Rebecca Lewis, Nefi Lopez, Lola Munis, Arsalan Rehman, Allison Schaeffer, Sean Silva, Hunter Smith and Jamie Whitt

Mayfield Outstanding Staff Awards - Damen Britt and Colette Cross
Opal Goolsby Presidential Award for Teaching Excellence - Dr. David J. Davis

President's Award (Female) - Lesleigh Balkum, Emily Estill, Kelly Guthery, Lydia Holt, Shelby Hooper and Alexa Junek
President's Award (Male) - Aaron Hendrix, Haseeb Khatri, Jeremy Klutts, Angel Maldonado, Cody Pepper, Matthew Renobato

Mr. HBU - Cody Pepper
Miss HBU - Alexa Junek