The Academy at Houston Baptist University

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Transformative Classes for Junior High and High Schoolers

Aim Higher

The Academy at Houston Baptist University offers a rich and rewarding junior high and high school education, combining the resources, faculty, and accreditation of a university with a curriculum and staff devoted to teenaged students.

By partnering with schools and homeschool parents, we provide a way to enrich and empower your student’s education, through your school, at home, or at our HBU campus.

The Academy Distinctives
  • Full time, classically trained, dedicated Christian faculty, with over 300 hours of experience in Great Books education.
  • Dual-enrollment, allowing the student to earn transferable college credit from Houston Baptist University while engaged in a rich high school education.
  • Education for the whole soul; Academy classes invite the student to incorporate their heart and soul into their work, knowing that these are as important and as much worth educating as their mind.
  • Exclusive learning opportunities through Houston Baptist University, such as faculty lectures, concerts, and plays for Academy students.
  • Automatic acceptance into the Honors College at Houston Baptist University, with Academy faculty recommendation.
  • A community of friends and mentors, built around mutual love of Christ and a life of learning.