The purpose of the RN to BSN (Advanced Standing) program is to allow a registered nurse in the state of Texas who is a graduate of an accredited associate degree or diploma nursing program to attain a baccalaureate degree in nursing (BSN) by building on previous knowledge, skills, and experiences. The philosophy, curriculum framework, objectives, and the progression and graduation requirements for the RN to BSN Program are the same as for the non-RN students in the BSN program.


To receive credit for courses required for the BSN curriculum the RN's transcripts will be evaluated for course equivalencies. RNs may receive up to 29 semester hours of credit based on transcript and/or course syllabi evaluation and validation of prior knowledge through a challenge process and/or the HESI Exit Comprehensive Examination. The processes for validating prior knowledge of nursing are described below.
  • Graduates of accredited Associate Degree or Diploma nursing programs must meet eligibility requirements for the RN to BSN Program.
  • File a degree plan with the Registrar.
  • Take the HESI Comprehensive Examination prior to enrolling in nursing courses and attain a score of at least 900 on the exam. Upon passing the HESI Comprehensive Examination, the RN will receive credit for the following courses:
    • NURS 3222 Perspectives on the Health Care System -- 2 semester hours
    • NURS 3309 Pharmacolocy -- 3 semester hours
    • NURS 3323 Health Assessment -- 3 semester hours
    • NURS 3408 Art and Science of Nursing  -- 4 semester hours
    • NURS 3404 Care of Individuals I -- 4 semester hours
    • NURS 3424 Care of Individuals II -- 4 semester hours
    • NURS 4414 Care of Families with Mental Health Problems -- 4 semester hours
    • NURS 4434 Care of Childbearing Families -- 4 semester hours
    • NURS 4444 Care of Families with Children -- 4 semester hours
      Subtotal of hours credited 32 hours
  • If an RN does not achieve a score of 900 on the HESI Exit Comprehensive Exam, the scores of 900 or above on the Specialty Scales (Medical-Surgical, Pediatric, Maternity, Psychiatric, and Geriatric Nursing) will be considered for credit for courses corresponding to the specialty tested. RNs will be required to enroll and complete courses for which no credit is awarded based on the HESI Exit Comprehensive Exam.
  • RN's will enroll and take the following courses and achieve a grade of "C" or above:
    • NURS 3414 Pathophysiology for Health Care or BIOL 3433 Pathophysiology -- 4 semester hours
    • NURS 3434 Care of Individuals III*** -- 4 semester hours
    • NURS 4412 Care of Vulnerable Populations -- 4 semester hours
    • NURS 4424 Nurses in the Community and Nursing the Community -- 4 semester hours
    • NURS 4494 Senior Seminar: Applied Research and Externship -- 4 semester hours
    • NURS 4564 Professional Issues and Nursing Leadership -- 5 semester hours
      Subtotal of hours taken 25 hours
***NURS 3434 Care of Individuals III may be challenged if the RN has a minimum of one-year recent experience in critical care nursing. (Recent experience means within the past 5 years). The challenge process involves passing the teacher-made, comprehensive final exam with a grade of 75% or higher, demonstrating competent care and nursing skills during at least two days of clinical practice, and developing an acceptable plan of care for the client(s) served.

  • Credit hours awarded based on a challenge process 32-36 hours
  • Prerequisite and General Education course requirements 70 hours
  • BSN course requirements 21-25 hours
  • Total Hours required for the BSN degree 127 hours


The score of 900 on the HESI Exit Comprehensive Examination is consistent with the performance of the generic BSN students who have successfully passed through the curriculum by attaining scores of 75% or above on exam averages and final exams, assignments and clinical performance criteria and thus have passed nursing courses with grades of "C" or above. BSN students must attain a score of 900 on the HESI Exit Comprehensive exam to be allowed to graduate from the programs.

Graduation Requirements
  • Submit a passing Graduating Level Curriculum Checkpoint portfolio.