School of Nursing and Allied Health
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to the Nursing program?

Is there a Criminal Background Check involved in being admitted to the nursing program?

What is the deadline for application program entry?

How many nursing courses per semester may I carry?

When are the nursing courses offered?

What are the admission requirements?

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Is there any way to know if my classes will transfer to HBU?

Are there any entrance exams?

I just received a letter from HBU. Does that mean I have been admitted to the nursing program?

How do clinical experiences work in the BSN program?

Can I obtain a BSN at HBU later, after I receive my ADN degree?

How much does the nursing program cost?

How many students are accepted into the Nursing program each semester?

Do you have to be an HBU student to be considered or enter into the program?

Do you have any information sessions for nursing?

Where is the School of Nursing and Allied Health located on campus?