Tell me more... The Bachelor of Music degree is tailored for the specific talents of music students who definitely want music as a career. Students may choose from the following areas of specialization:

What will I experience at HBU? Small class sizes allow our students to study with mentor-professors, and build lifelong relationships with colleagues and faculty. Students may choose to participate in exciting ensemble experiences with Schola Cantorum, University Singers, the Guitar Ensemble, Opera Workshop, or the Chamber Music Ensemble. Selected students may collaborate with faculty to experience heightened challenges in the Music Honors Program. Performances by the world-class cultural organizations in the city– the Houston Symphony, Houston Grand Opera and Houston Ballet – are all included in several course requirements, and solo and chamber performances available from Da Camera, Nexus, Society for the Performing Arts, and the Friends of Music are readily available. The School of Music presents between 50 and 70 programs each year, including student recitals, faculty concerts, major ensemble concerts and invited guest performances. The Choral program hosts a week long residency each year by a well-known choral composer. The Opera Workshop presents two operas involving interaction with personnel from the professional companies in Houston.

Where can I go from here? HBU Bachelor of Music majors have gone on to successful performing and conducting careers. They teach at universities and colleges, maintain private studios and/or pursue advanced degrees in graduate school. Graduates are also teaching in public and private schools as band directors and choir directors, and are serving as ministers of music and worship leaders in churches.

Church Music

The Church Music degree at HBU is designed to equip students for music and worship ministry and to provide a basis for further study in the field by giving them a program that is biblically-based, God-centered, and ministry-minded. The Church Music degree offers a broad-based approach to church music that prepares students for whatever type of ministry God may have for them rather than focusing on musical style. Students will have the opportunity to learn about and participate in a rich variety of worship and church music experiences—some historical, some reaching toward the future. In every course, students will be encouraged to work out the Lordship of Jesus Christ in their studies, in their lives, and in their ministries. Through rigorous coursework Church Music students will have the opportunity to read great books on church music and worship and to study with professors who have ongoing experience in the field. As a result, graduates from the program have been taught to pursue musical and spiritual excellence within the framework of a uniquely Christian worldview.

Organ Performance

The Organ Performance degree is designed to train organists for music ministry. With hundreds of churches in the Houston area, students have many opportunities to observe and serve as assistants to area organists, and when their proficiency allows, work as church organists. Courses such as Service Playing and Organ Construction and Design help students prepare for a lifetime of music ministry. The study of improvisation aids the church organist in providing inspiring accompaniment for congregational song. Organ majors learn and perform the great organ masterworks. Whether playing a complex Bach Prelude and Fugue or a lovely Mendelssohn sonata, student recitals captivate audiences. Applied Lessons with the organ professor provide the technical skills for building repertoire and bring together classroom concepts and musicianship. Organ Pedagogy helps to prepare the student to teach others. Thus, future generations of organists will be trained in the art of organ performance and service playing.

Piano Performance

In conjunction with a strong liberal arts curriculum and Christian worldview, HBU's Piano Program offers a comprehensive music curriculum specializing in piano performance, pedagogy, chamber music, and accompanying. Additionally, students in this program benefit from numerous performing opportunities, frequent master classes and performances by visiting internationally acclaimed artists, small class sizes, and career/graduate school advising. As a pianist at HBU, you will join a supportive group of peers and faculty who are committed to your development as a performer, educator, scholar, and citizen.

Vocal Performance

This major provides students with the skills to pursue further education and careers in the performing arts industry. Our faculty of nationally and internationally recognized artist-teachers provides private instruction in Voice as well as coursework in Vocal Pedagogy, Song Literature, and Lyric Diction. We also offer our students extensive performance opportunities in Opera Workshop, Choral programs, and recitals.

Music Education

Our mission in the music education program is establishing a community wherein we develop musician-educators who are equally cultivated in competence and character in an effort to enhance life-long music education. We seek to prepare musician-educators who are performers, scholars, learners, teachers, creators, entrepreneurs, and advocates for children and for music. Our graduates are complete musicians who are prepared to participate in a fulfilling life in music in which we deny traditional barriers between performance and pedagogy, teaching and learning, vocal and instrumental, and especially between belief and behavior. At HBU we provide an environment where service is a way of life, where character and competence are equally developed, where work and worship are united, and where belief and behavior are reconciled. Our program provides a comprehensive music education with a Christian worldview and focuses on fostering skilled professional competence, individual musical excellence, and personal emotional maturity, all with a spiritual center.


This major provides students with a thorough grounding in common practice and contemporary musical languages and compositional techniques. A student choosing to focus on the Theory track has special emphasis placed on keyboard skills and on analytical writing, preparing for continued graduate studies in Music Theory. The culminating analytical study of the Theory track curriculum results in a Senior Thesis rather than a senior recital. The Composition track focuses on the development of a personal compositional language and on compositional techniques and skills preparing composition majors for graduate studies in composition. The culminating experience of the Composition track is a Senior Recital of original works composed while studying composition at HBU. Students intending to major in either Theory or Composition must earn grades of B or higher in Theory I and II before beginning study in Composition or being accepted into the Theory/Composition program.