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2015 Conference Schedule

Saturday, April 11
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8:00-8:50 UAC 101 (Registration/Check-in) (Registration/Check-in)
9:00-9:50 UAC Lobby Jeffrey Overstreet X-Rays of Our Imaginations: Bad News and Good News for Christian Writers
10:00-10:50 UAC 130 Writers in the Schools (WITS) Playful Playwriting
10:00-10:50 UAC 122 Garret Johnson Fiction: Seeing the Universal in the Particular
10:00-10:50 UAC 222 Enos Russell Current Trends and Opportunities for Self-Publishing
10:00-10:50 UAC 150 Doug TenNapel  
11:00-11:50 UAC 226 Writers in the Schools (WITS) Great Big Canvas: Exploring the Connection between Writing and Art
11:00-11:50 UAC 150 Tina Winograd Secrets Your Editor Won’t Tell You
11:00-11:50 UAC 130 Holly Ordway, Ph.D. Memory & the Writer's Art: The Challenges of Writing Memoir
11:00-11:50 UAC 222 Jeffrey Overstreet Through a Screen Darkly: What This “Christian Writer” Learned from Dangerous Moviegoing
12:00-12:50 The Baugh (Lunch) (UAC Lobby and Coffee Room will stay open)
1:00-1:50 UAC Lobby Steve Halliday  
2:00-2:50 UAC 226 Jason Harrod Songwriting Workshop
2:00-2:50 UAC 130 J. Matthew Boyleston, Ph.D. Poetry and the History of Human Thought
2:00-2:50 UAC 222 Tina Winograd Secrets Your Editor Won’t Tell You
2:00-2:50 UAC 122 Louis Markos, Ph.D. Tolkien and Lewis: The Road to Narnia and Middle-earth
3:00-3:50 UAC 130 Writers in the Schools (WITS) Spoken Word Poetry
3:00-3:50 UAC 150 Micah Mattix, Ph.D. Community and New Media
3:00-3:50 UAC 222 Graduate Student Panel from HBU's M.A. in Apologetics Program The Challenges and Opportunities of Apologetics Writing
3:00-3:50 UAC 122 Doug TenNapel  
4:00-4:30 UAC Lobby Jason Harrod Musical Performance - with commentary