Conference Schedule

Thursday (February 25)
5:00p               Registration (McNair Hall)
7:30p               Plenary Lecture 1 (Belin Chapel): Timothy George "Erasmus and the Search for the Christian Life”
Friday (February 26)
9:00-10:15        Plenary Lecture 2 (Belin Chapel): Craig A. Evans "Erasmus and the Beginnings of Textual Fundamentalism”
10:15-10:45      Coffee Break (Lyceum)
10:45-12:15      Session 1
Session 1A (Dillon II)
Gregory Barnhill and Natalie Webb – “Tolle Lege: Reader’s Aids and Nomina Sacra in Early Christian Manuscripts”
Timothy Bartel – “When the Epic Met the Psalm: Reading Luke’s Canticles in Juvencus’ Hexameter Paraphrase”
Stanley Helton – “Origen and the Endings of Mark’s Gospel”
Session 1B (Green Room)
Eric Jobe – “Satisfied with Swine: Challenges in Eastern Orthodox Bible Translation: A Case Study in Psalm 17”
Uladzimir Kananovich – “Skaryna’s Slavonic Bible and Renaissance Discourse in the Early Sixteenth-Century Eastern Europe”
C.J.T. Talar – “The Revitalization of Biblical Scholarship in 19th Century France: The Early Efforts of Alfred Loisy”
12:15             Lunch (on own)
2:30-3:30 Session 2
Session 2A (Dillon II)
Jeff Cate – “Martin Luther and the Reliability of the NT Manuscript Tradition”
Jeffrey T. Riddle – “John Calvin and Text Criticism”
Session 2B (Green Room)
Michael Whiting – "'A Boy that Driveth the plough Shall Know More of the Scriptures than Thou': The Perspicuity of Scripture and the Role of Prologues and Marginal Glosses in the Translations of Martin Luther and William Tyndale"
David J. Davis – “Ab angelis: The Incarnation and Christ’s Body in the English Reformation”
3:30 Break (Lyceum)
4:00-5:00 Session 3
Session 3A (Dillon II)
Laura Manzo – “The Septuagint’s Function in the Formation of Biblical Canons”
John O. Soden – “In Defense of Biblical Humanism for Bible Translation: Erasmus and the Greek”
Session 3B (Green Room)
Daniel J. Pfeiffer – “Narrative in the Textual Tradition: An Assessment of Scribal Changes”
Stratton L. Ladewig – “New Images Bring Greater Clarity: Examples of Improved Textual Identity CSNTM’s 𝔓45 images”
5:00-7:30      Dinner (on own)
7:30              Plenary Lecture 3 (Belin Chapel): Daniel B. Wallace “Erasmus and the Publication of the First Greek New Testament”
Saturday (February 27)
9:00-10:15     Plenary Lecture 4 (Belin Chapel): Herman Selderhuis “The Impact of Erasmus´ Biblical Work on the Reformation”
10:15-10:45   Coffee Break (Lyceum)
10:45-11:15   Session 4 (Dillon II or Green Room)
Session 4A (Dillon II)
David S. Ritsema – “The Purpose of the Fourth Gospel (John 20:30-31): A Fresh Look at the Implications for Grammatical, Syntactical, and Textual Critical Problems”
Session 4B (Green Room)
Robert D. Marcello – “Significant Contributions to the Text of the New Testament and Early Church from the National Library of Greece”
11:15-11:30   Break (Lyceum)
11:30-12:30   Panel Discussion (Belin Chapel)
12:30            Conference Dismissal