Facing Reality
By Doug Gehrman
Growing up, I enjoyed science and mathematics to the extent that in high school, I took every science and math course offered. I loved these courses because they seemed so elegant and quantifiable. Especially math. Math problems had right answers and I felt it was up to me to find them. I appreciated certainty, rather than the fuzzy thinking practiced by right brained thinkers. If it wasn’t on the computer printout, the conclusions were in question, as far as I was concerned. This preference drove me to pursue a chemical engineering degree in college and it didn’t disappoint. I loved the thrill of solving the engineering problems I encountered in the textbooks. My left brain was fully engaged. Even though my political nature was far right, I have always been so left-brained that I must have walked with a tilt.
Two Effective Leadership Behaviors
By Patrick Layhee
A recent article published in the McKinsey Quarterly, Decoding Leadership: What Really Matters, addresses the most effective types of leadership behaviors that organizations should be encouraging.[i] McKinsey’s study included empirical insights from their own practical experiences, a search of relevant academic literature, and then their survey results from other organizations. They developed a broad list of possible behavior types and subsequently refined the list to what they determined to be the most desirable leadership behaviors.
Career Transition and Job Search God’s Way!
By Gary L. Selman
Job search and career transition are often a time of intense trial, emotional upheaval, and financial strain, and can be especially challenging during the holidays. Being unemployed will test your self- confidence, faith in God, and the very fabric of your marriage and family relationships. For Christians, it can be compared to the time the Israelites spent in the wilderness. It is a time of radical change and discomfort as you face an uncertain future and deal with the unknown. Like the Israelites, you may long for the certainty of Egypt (your old job) even though you were very unhappy there. In the wilderness of job search and unemployment, you face new challenges, obstacles, and tests every day.
How to Find Happiness Through Money
By Wallace Henley
It’s not what money can buy, but how people use their wealth that brings happiness say two academics cited in a Wall Street Journal report.[1] Professors Ryan Howell (San Francisco State University) and Thomas Gilovich (Cornell) arrived at the same conclusion independently. There is a “huge misforecast,” says Prof. Howells. “People think that experiences are only going to provide temporary happiness,” so they continue purchasing tangible items believing them to be more useful over a longer period of time.
The Power of Words
By Gary Selman
Words are the building blocks that pave the road to our destiny. Words shape and determine our thinking; our thinking shapes and determines our emotions; our emotions shape and determine our decisions; our decisions shape and determine our actions; our actions shape and determine our habits; our habits shape and determine our character and our character shapes and determines our destiny. “From the fruit of a man’s mouth his stomach is satisfied; he is satisfied by the yield of his lips. Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits” (Pro 18:20-21).
Crucial Conversations
By Michael Chung
Communication is the basic foundation for all human connection. There are moments in a relationship, institution, or organization that are vital in taking the next step of progress and carry a disproportionate amount of influence. Human and corporate destiny can rest on the ability of individuals to communicate what they are thinking and feeling to others who can appropriate change.
Do You Have the Time?
By Douglas Gehrman
“Why, yes. It’s 8:45.” “Thanks, Dad, but I was actually wondering if you had time to help me with my school project.” “Sorry, son, but I have a board presentation tomorrow and need to concentrate on that right now. Maybe later.” I almost always had priorities at work that took precedent over family activities. Once the family understood, I didn’t get many more requests for my time.
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