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Next Issue Theme:  Worldviews


  • Proposal: November 15, 2013. Please address in your proposal the purpose, methodology, and main conclusion of your article in 300 words or less
  • Completed Draft: February 15, 2014

The CBR serves to promote the implementation of biblical truth into leadership practice by showcasing experiences, research, and original thinking by Christian scholars and practitioners. In the upcoming issue, we invite authors to examine the implications of compromise with non-biblical worldviews in one’s professional life. Pearcey, quoting Johnson, stated, ‘“As a moral being, the Christian follows the biblical ethic”…But as a thinking being, the modern Christian has succumbed to secularism,’ accepting ‘a frame of reference constructed by the secular mind and a set of criteria reflecting secular evaluations’ (N. Pearcey, Total Truth (Wheaton, IL.: Crossway Books, 2004), p. 34.)

In the context of modern global commerce, the potential for spiritual shipwreck, to oneself as well as to others, through such acceptance becomes pronounced and pervasive, as Christ’s professed followers around the globe subscribe to and behave in accordance with secular worldviews.

What might be a biblically informed philosophy of leadership, management, work, organizational design, and strategic decision making? How does it contrast with, or perhaps resemble, alternative views that are easily adopted because of their currency and identity as progressive ideas in a secular political economy? What evidence is there that competing, oppositional worldviews could potentially destroy the witness of unsuspecting believers in business leadership?

These questions may be examined in any and all disciplines within the sphere of modern business, from management to marketing, economics, and finance. As always, the CBR seeks discussions that bear practical significance to the business professional. Therefore contributors are urged to relate any philosophical analyses to practicable ideas that benefit the practitioner.    

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