Call for Papers - Christian Business Review

Next Issue Theme:  Stewardship


  • Proposal: November 15, 2014. Please address in your proposal the purpose, methodology, and main conclusion of your article in 300 words or less
  • Completed Draft: February 15, 2015

The CBR serves to promote the implementation of biblical truth into leadership practice by showcasing experiences, research, and original thinking by Christian scholars and practitioners. In the upcoming issue, we invite authors to ruminate on the multiple dimensions of biblical stewardship and how the charge should shape the conduct of individuals and corporate entities so that God is glorified through each endeavor.

We acknowledge that stewardship, in its fundamental sense, envelops the believer’s whole life and not just his or her material possessions. Accordingly, the scope of inquiry spans not just the space of finance but also the practices of leadership, physical and human resources management, and corporate social responsibility. We are also interested in new or non-traditional areas of application and ideas for exploring and extending stewardship, to the end that it comprehensively informs one's life and work. 

As always, the CBR seeks discussions that bear practical significance to the business professional. Therefore contributors are urged to relate any philosophical analyses to practicable ideas that benefit the practitioner.    

Contributor Guidelines:
Please refer to the “Guidelines for Contributors” published in the CBR ( for detailed instructions. You are also welcome to write to us directly at