Hallmark Award

Each year the Alumni Association confers the Hallmark Award upon an individual or couple who has been particularly supportive of the Alumni Association. Each award winner is made an honorary alumnus of Houston Baptist University, and has his or her name inscribed on a brick placed in the Holcombe Mall's Heritage Walkway.

// 2015 Hallmark Award //

Dr. Melissa Wiseman

This year’s recipient is Dr. Melissa Wiseman. While serving as a faculty member at HBU, Dr. Wiseman’s genuine care for her students positively impacted them for the future. Her many years of service, leadership, and mentorship, along with a sincere desire and willingness to help HBU graduates year after year, make Dr. Melissa Wiseman a candidate worthy of this year's Hallmark Award.  

Past Award Recipients:

2014 Steve Moniaci
2013 Stewart and Joella* Morris
2012 Mary Ann and Dr. J. Bruce Belin
2011 Dr. Robert B. Sloan, Jr.
2010 Dr. Mohan Kuruvilla
2009 Dr. Shari Wescott
2008 Clay Porter
2008 Sue Sloan
2007 Dr. Don Looser
2006 Job Garcia
2005 Dr. Larry Ruddell
2004 Frances Curtis
2003 Ken Rogers
2002 Anthony Martin
2001 Dr. E. D. Hodo
2001 Sharon Saunders
2000 Dr. Don Byrnes

*Awarded Posthumously