Collection Catalog

HBU Dunham Bible Museum Novum Testamentum
The Dunham Bible Museum Collection began in 1997, when Houston Baptist University purchased the Jonathan Byrd Collection of over 450 American Bibles. At the same time, a collection of Bible leaves of significant American Bibles was obtained, providing an overview of Bible publication in America.  In 2010, this basic American Bible collection was expanded with the acquisition, through the generous contribution of Archie and Linda Dunham, of the Brake/Hellstern Collections from Dr. Donald Brake and Dr. John Hellstern.  The Byrd, Brake, and Hellstern collections form the pillars of the Museum's unique Bible collection. 

The catalogue includes 4 categories from the Dunham Bible Museum's holdings:
  • Library includes the books;
  • Photos includes prints, paintings, and photos;
  • Objects includes archaeological artifacts as well as furniture, and other objects;
  • Archives includes manuscripts. 
All categories can be searched at once.  Images of many of the items are included in the catalogue.