The Smith Organ in Belin Chapel

Houston Baptist University is pleased to showcase a Létourneau pipe organ. This instrument was made possible by the generosity of Sherry and Jim Smith. The 57-stop, 58-rank instrument is housed in the Belin Chapel of the Morris Cultural Arts Center.

Each year, the Department of Music presents an Organ Recital Series that is free and open to the public.

The organ is a heritage instrument whose traits have been perfected over the course of centuries. Pipe organs each consist of several keyboards, pipes to produce tones, a device to supply wind, and a mechanism connected to the keys for admitting wind to the pipes. An organ’s continuous supply of airflow uniquely allows it to sustain notes for as long as its keys are pressed.

Organs have become part instrument and part adornment. They grace some of the most stunning cathedrals and chapels in the world. The Smith Organ certainly adds an enriched dimension to the HBU Belin Chapel. Some of the greatest composers of all time, including George Frideric Handel and Johann Sebastian Bach, wrote music designed to be played on an organ. While electric and digital organs have been created in modern years, nothing can sufficiently replicate the organic sound created by pipe organs.

Houston Baptist University keeps the legacy of organ melodies alive, and spurs a new generation of musicians to play and love the classic pipe organ.

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