Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find data on enrollment, retention and other statistics about students? The Institutional Research Reports link provides a comprehensive set of reports on enrollment, retention, and other related information.  

What is the 12th day/census day? Institutions of Higher Education use a specific point in the semester (usually the 12th day of class in fall and spring at HBU) as the institution’s official census point and use student enrollment patterns from this snapshot of enrollment trends to for all official reporting. Having a consistent point in time allows for good longitudinal comparisons within the university, and more comparability across institutions.

What if I can’t find the information I need on the website? Faculty, staff, and visitors of the HBU community can request information using our online Request For Information Form. Please review our guidelines prior to submitting your request.

What is FTE? How is it calculated?  FTE stands for Full-time Equivalent, usually used with students. Full-time equivalent students gives a different view than simple headcounts of students by taking into account their total credit hours of enrollment. There are two ways to calculate FTE, depending on the request. The simpler method takes the number of full-time students plus the number of part-time students divided by three:  FTE = FT + 1/3 PT.  The more accurate method examines the number of hours taken by part-time students, dividing by the number of hours required to be full-time (12 for undergraduates, 9 for graduate students).  Thus, an undergraduate student taking 6 hours is counted as 0.5 FTE (6/12), 9 hours is 0.75 FTE, and 3 hours is 0.35 FTE.