University Leadership

Since its chartering, HBU has had many influential leaders. Through the guidance of the founding fathers to the current president, deans and executive council, HBU consistently attracts strong leaders, faculty and students and continues to grow in national prominence. By cultivating strong academics without losing Christian faith and teachings, HBU’s leaders have grown the University into a thriving learning and living community with a tradition of excellence.

Presidents of HBU

Dr. Robert B. Sloan, Jr., president of Houston Baptist University    Dr. Robert B. Sloan, Jr. is the president of Houston Baptist University and has served in this capacity since September 1, 2006.  Under Dr. Sloan’s visionary leadership, the University is experiencing unprecedented growth.
Dr. Edward D. Hodo   Dr. Edward D. Hodo served as president of Houston Baptist University from June 1, 1987 until his retirement in July of 2006. In September of 2006, the Board of Trustees honored Dr. Hodo and his wife, Sadie, for their 19 years of service to the University.
Dr. William H. Hinton   Dr. William H. Hinton served as the founding president of Houston Baptist College. A man with a pioneering spirit who distinguished himself as an athlete, educator, administrator and servant of God.

Executive Council

Houston Baptist University Executive Council   The Executive Council is the University’s primary leadership team.  In addition to the President, members include representatives from key administrative areas throughout the campus.  The Executive Council works to implement the goals in the Ten Pillars vision while ensuring that the University stays true to its mission.