2012-2013 New Member Orientation

The New Member Orientation was held on Tuesday, September 11, 2012 in The Green Room, Morris Cultural Arts Center at 10:30 a.m.  At present there are 15 new members and 10 were able to attend the orientation.  There are also 8 previous members that are returning to The Guild.  Included in the guest list were the sponsors of the new members, as well as the membership committee members who provided the refreshments.  After Judy Childress welcomed everyone we were lead in prayer by Janet Taylor, Chaplain.   Debra Perich, President, gave an overview of The Guild and of upcoming events followed by a greeting from Sue Sloan, First Lady of HBU.  Sharon Saunders closed with remarks about HBU'S growth and development.  The membership committee was chaired by Judy Childress, Kay Haines, and Jane Ann Bickham.  

List of New Members  
Returning Members
Lisa Covington
Kathleen Evans
Kara Green
Tommie Lejeune 
Sally Madio
Kelly Matte                          
Ruth  Pulido            
Hope Reynolds           
Nancy Shomette             
Cynthia Simpson
Mitzi Sisk
Maetha Smith
Angel Traweek
Lynn Tyger
Kathrin Yokubaitis
Mary Lynn Hollis 
Melissa Marse Hopwood
Rosemary Lazird
Susan Lynn 
 Kathy St. John
Lucia Street
Carla Stutts
Martha Turner