2011-2012 New Members of The Guild

The New Member Orientation was held September 15 in the Green Room of the Morris Cultural Arts Center on the HBU Campus. Committee chairs Jan Rule and Patti Bailey welcomed our new members while Guild President Anne Roper shared the purpose and mission of our organization. First Lady Sue Sloan and Executive Board members also joined in greeting our new members as they shared details about scheduled future events. Following a brunch prepared by the Membership Committee, guests were given the opportunity to tour the Morris Cultural Arts Center and the museum exhibits housed within.

New Guild members are Monelle Rougeau, Donna Goeser, Mon’Sher Spencer, Margie Ugalde, Heather Davis, Jennifer Sailors, Patti Hatton, Janet Taylor, Catherine Moniaci, Lelah Feeley, Rita Tauer, Vicky Morris, Crystal Rothberg, Blair Belin, Leigh Anne Goodwin, Judge Denise Collins, and Phyllis Pittman.