HBU Press Releases

Brupbacher and Pyle Named Professors Emeriti

May 19, 2014

Professors Linda Brupbacher and Ernest Pyle, Jr. were recently honored with the title of professor emeritus in appreciation for their longstanding exceptional service to students and to the University.

Professor Emeritus Ernest S. Pyle, Jr. has served as a professor of mathematics at HBU since 1973, and as chair of the Department of Mathematics and Physics since 1980. He was instrumental in developing the University’s pre-engineering program and has served as its director since 1992. Dr. Pyle was named the Opal Goolsby Outstanding Teacher in 1997 in recognition of his devotion to helping his students understand and appreciate mathematics. He is also known as a faithful and constructive mentor to numerous students and colleagues over his 41 years of service at HBU.
"Dr. Professor Emerita Linda Brupbacher joined the HBU faculty in 1982. She served as a professor of education in the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences and has held numerous chairs and directorships, including chair of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, director of the Center for the Professional Development of Educators, and chair of the Department of Education and Kinesiology. Dr. Brupbacher’s development of new teaching methods and work as an outstanding teacher has been recognized by her students and peers throughout her career; she is the recipient of HBU’s Outstanding Education Professor award and the Opal Goolsby Outstanding Teaching Award, and was named a Piper Professor for the State of Texas in 2008.  She was also named an HBU Distinguished Alumnus in 1995. Dr. Brupbacher has held several state leadership positions, including serving as president of the Texas Directors of Field Experience and chair of the Texas Centers for Educational Partnerships.
Emeritus status is specifically granted to honor retired faculty who have made distinguishing professional contributions throughtout their careers at HBU. Only a select few receive this recognition for their service to the University.